Cross Talk Channel Modeling Platform, 6-56 Gbpsec, XTALK-32

Key Features

  • Industry-first crosstalk channel modeling package for creating real crosstalk, not synthesized!
  • Family of ICR for common compliance specifications 802.3, CEI, USB 3.0, 10GBase-KR, SAS3, PCI Express Gen3, 40GbE, 100GbE, 16XFC
  • S-parameter library for pre-silicon analysis
  • Clean-pure crosstalk with no signal integrity structure set included
  • Crosstalk with -5 and -10dB return loss for mimicking problem back plane channels
  • Optional Wild River Technology skew-matched cable pairs to use with ISI-28/32 for adding loss


This is an industry-first crosstalk testing platform consisting of a family of loss and insertion-crosstalk ratio (ICR) designed to challenge 6-32 Gbpsec systems and PAM-4, 56 Gbpsec. ICR is a basic measure of signal versus crosstalk energy (similar to signal/noise) and provides 50 (very low crosstalk) to 15 (very high crosstalk) for both 10 Gbpsec and 28 Gbpsec systems. Crosstalk energy and victim loss can further be tuned with optional pad kit. Structures can be combined with other platforms or on-board structures using optional low-skew <1 psec matched cable kit.


Parameter Specification Notes