Key Features

  • Loss from –5dB to –40dB at 56 Gbpsec
  • Causal/passive high-quality S-parameters included
  • Full channel operating margin (COM) metrics provided
  • Options for ultra-low-skew cables are available
  • Superb signal integrity <–20dB return loss
  • Pristine launch design <2ohm TDR
  • Assembled with next-generation Samtec 2.4mm connectors

The ISI-56 represents the newest generation of Wild River Technology platforms with controlled amounts of intersymbol interference (ISI) for creating jitter to 56 Gbpsec. ISI-56 is the first loss modeling platform to meet the stringent requirements of the IEEE P370 specification, which addresses items such as recommended design of signal integrity test fixtures and methods and processes for ensuring the accuracy and consistency of measured data for signals with frequency content to 50 GHz. This test fixture meets the highest IEEE P370 Class A signal integrity requirements.

True ISI is created by loss generated with pure dielectric and conductor losses only, with very low return loss. Group delay variation, an important loss consideration for data rates exceeding 32 Gbpsec, has been minimized with special layout techniques, pristine connector launch designs, and the use of controlled-weave laminate systems from Isola. The dynamic range of 65dB matches modern SerDes sensitivity performance.

The ISI-56 platform is composed of nine microstrip and nine stripline differential pairs of various lengths.


Parameter Specification Notes
Frequency Range DC to 50 GHz
Loss -5 dB to -40 dB @ 56 Gb/sec
Superb Signal Integrity <-20 dB return Loss
Dynamic Range 65 dB