Part # RFE-WG12-H90
RF Essentials E-Band, WR-12, E-Plane 90° bends are built with high precision and then gold plated for high corrosion resistance. They have very low loss and great VSWR. Manufactured to rigid specifications, these transmission line components provide minimum detrimental effects on the overall system VSWR.

Key Features

• 60 GHz to 90 GHz
• Low Insertion Loss, 0.13 dB typical
• Low Return Loss, 1.03:1 typical
• UG-387 flange


The H-plane bends series provide accurate offsets and directional changes in waveguide transmission lines for test and developmental applications.

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Parameter Specification Notes
Frequency Range 60 GHz to 90 GHz
Insertion Loss  0.13 dB typical
Return Loss 1.03:1 typical
Flange UG-387/U