50 GHz Standard Channel Modeling Platform EDA Package CMP-50

Key Features

    • Assembled with 2.92mm (CMP-28) or 2.4mm (CMP-32) connectors
    • 3D EM benchmark structures
      • Loss structures for material extraction
      • Resonators for measurement correspondence
      • Multi-impedance structures for VNA time transform analysis
    • TVNA-VNA analysis structure
      • TDR resolvers for ultra-fast TDR (11 psec and 28 psec rise times)
    • Allegro layout provided for easy 3D EM import
    • Family of via fields


    • 3D-EM and measurement assistance for the SI practitioner
      • Vias
      • Multimode analysis
      • Meshing analysis structure
      • Advanced material extraction and loss modeling
    • THRU calibration, T-matrix de-embedding
    • Advanced crosstalk analysis
    • TRL/LRM calibration verification/benchmark


The Wild River Technology CMP-50 Advanced Channel Modeling Platform represents a powerful tool for development of high-speed systems up to 50 GHz. The primary target application for the CMP-50 is 3D-EM solver analysis versus time and frequency domain measurement methodology. It combines 27 structures based on a consistent development of primitive structures useful for performing a host of calibrations including automatic fixture removal, unknown THRU, WinCal XE™ calibration, and VNA gating and time transform analysis.


Parameter Specification Notes
Frequency Range DC to 50 GHz